Being inspired, fit, creative: Roger Federer reveals keys to success

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Being inspired, fit, creative: Roger Federer reveals keys to success

For Roger Federer, many things need to happen to consistently have success in tennis. The Swiss player changes his game plan depending on the opponent he faces. Speaking at the Hopman Cup, Federer said: 'It's just about maintaining, staying healthy, staying fit, inspired, creative, come out with good solutions and take the right decisions at the right time and that is the hard part to keep.

So it's not always necessary doing better the next time, it's I think managing your game day by day and then also adjusting to the opponents because Cameron doesn't play like Tiafoe, Tiafoe doesn't play like Tsitispas.

So there is always a constant adjustment going on, some games come easier to you and some don't, so it's important from my side that I do things correctly and so far that's happened. But it's only been two matches into the season, so we will see how it goes.' Speaking before the mixed doubles match against Serena Williams, Federer had said: 'I saw a few games earlier of Serena against Belinda and I saw she was leading, so that's a problem.

It seems like Serena is probably gonna win this singles and then there would be even more pressure for the doubles which I think is going to be nice for both of us, for the fans too. But we are both excited, we can't wait for it to happen and they are probably a bit more relieved when it's sealed and done because there is a lot of riding on it but it's also fun and it's supposed to be that way.

We have done some hitting giggles at the Arthur Ashe Kid's Day and it's nice sharing the court with her.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title