'It was the match of my career' - Serena Williams on facing Roger Federer

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'It was the match of my career' - Serena Williams on facing Roger Federer

Serena Williams shared her joy for facing Roger Federer in a mixed doubles match at the Hopman Cup. In press conference the American had some great words in describing the special occasion. 'I was so excited, literally it was the match of my career', said Serena.

'Playing someone so great and someone you admire so much, means something. It's not often that that happens. Years and years of admiring and just being levelled with him at the same point of our career being the same age, it was really cool, still both in our primes.' About how she dealt with nerves, Serena added: 'It was definitely different, it wasn't as nerve-wracking because I wanted to really well but it was a little nerve-wracking because I am the one that won those doubles Grand Slams.' Asked if we may see Serena and Federer playing more often in doubles, the American hinted it won't happen.

'We are so much focused on singles...' Explaining why Hopman Cup is so important for her now, Serena concluded: 'The most important thing is that it's all leading to Australia, to the Open, so it's good.' Before the mixed doubles match, Federer had said: 'I hope I don't get injured from here until the doubles! I feel good right now.

It was a really, really late night last night - New Year's Eve... I'm joking! What a thrill it is to play Serena tonight in Perth.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title