Former world No. 12: 'Roger Federer's ups and downs are normal. Djokovic..'

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Former world No. 12: 'Roger Federer's ups and downs are normal. Djokovic..'

According to the former world No. 12 Paolo Bertolucci, Novak Djokovic's Career Golden Masters achieved in 2018 Cincinnati defeating Roger Federer in a straight-set final is one of the biggest achievements in tennis history.

'It's a great thing, no one had done it previously in tennis history. Djokovic showed to be really great', said Bertolucci in an interview to Il Sussidiario. 'Achieving the Career Masters is difficult because you have to play at the highest level and you have to be competitive on all the surfaces.'

On Djokovic's resurgence, Bertolucci added: 'For two years he dominated the tennis world. He went through a bad moment, most mentally, but he also got better physically as he is back with his historical team.'

On Djokovic and his rivals, the Italian said: 'Now Djokovic is the strongest, without any doubt. Federer is going through up and down which is normal while Nadal is not that competitive on hard. Instead, Novak is strong physically and mentally.

He has a great return and he has two terrific shots from the back of the court.' On two of the most promising young players, Hyeon Chung and Borna Coric, Bertolucci added: 'Chung is going through a really difficult moment.

He is back from injuries, which at 20 years of age can prejudice your whole career. From this point of view, Coric is definitely in a better position. It's like if there is a transition time: younger players struggle to come up and that's also why the "older" guys achieve good results dominating the world tennis rankings.'

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