Paul Annacone shares why Rafael Nadal gets injured more than Roger Federer

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Paul Annacone shares why Rafael Nadal gets injured more than Roger Federer

In an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA, the former Roger Federer's coach Paul Annacone explained why the Swiss player manages to stay injury-free without having to withdraw from almost any major tournament, while his rival Rafael Nadal keeps dealing with physical issues that made him play just one full hard-court tournament in the last 15 months: 2018 Rogers Cup in Toronto, where he won the title defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas in a straight-set final.

Annacone said: 'That's an amazing question. A couple of things: one is the way he (Federer) plays and moves is very natural. While looking at other players like Rafa, they put so much energy, so much effort, which is very difficult to sustain because it takes so much power of your body.

It's a difficult answer. Roger takes care of his body, he is very talented and he has a great physical trainer, Pierre Paganini, who has done a great job. All these things combined contributed to amazing longevity.' Franco Squillari faced Federer twice and he won both times, at 2001 Hamburg and 2003 Sydney.

'We are discussing if he is the best or the biggest winner. Clearly, numbers tell that he is the biggest winner with the biggest amount of Grand Slams', Squillari told Info Bae. 'But he also has his eternal rival, Nadal, who is just behind.

There you can discuss who is the best of all time. Federer is the biggest winner and a Grand Slam winner is the one who respects people the most. In tennis history it's about Majors, he won 20 and he ends up being the best of all time as for numbers.

But, as for rivalries of his category, he has is down against Nadal (in head to head meetings) and you can discuss who is the best out of the two. Federer also has a negative record against Djokovic. It's questionable who is the best out of the two.

Speaking of who is the best in the tennis history is picking players who won most times, but he is the biggest winner in history and he is ahead with 20 Grand Slams.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title