Roger Federer reveals key reason behind his amazing Hopman Cup performances

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Roger Federer reveals key reason behind his amazing Hopman Cup performances

Roger Federer believes there is a reason why he performed so well at the Hopman Cup last week winning all four singles matches he played. According to him, he had a good off-season in Dubai last month. Speaking to reporters, the 37-year-old said: 'I also didn't get broken, it's been a good week, no doubt about it, it's more for me a confirmation because what I said when I arrived is that I had a great off-season and they are crucial, because the good thing throughout my career is I have always had good off-seasons.

If I would have missed off-season I would have been running after it and that can be problematic. You can manage maybe the first month or the first two month of the year but down the stretch you will feel maybe more fatigue faster, you might get injured earlier and faster but my off-seasons have always been very, very good and I think they have always been very well planned out, so for me this has been really much a confirmation and I have been a bit surprised to be honest that the matches went as well as they did, because I thought I played a great tennis also against Tsitispas and today was a backup from that match.'

After the decisive mixed-doubles match win with Belinda Bencic in the final, Federer was asked how he would celebrate the win: 'It's ten (PM), we have time, we have a good time last year, sit back, relax, have a few drinks.

I am not playing next week so I am fine, she has got Hobart on the way we will celebrate different but we are ready.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title