John Millman shares when he started loving Roger Federer

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John Millman shares when he started loving Roger Federer

For John Millman, defeating Roger Federer at last year's US Open was a dream come true. Speaking to Herald Sun, the Australian player recalled the 2007 Australian Open semifinal match won by Federer over Andy Roddick which he still remembers very well.

That was when he started appreciating the Swiss legend. 'I watched Roger play a men’s semi-final against Andy Roddick when I was 17 and just out of school. I was sitting up in the bleachers at Rod Laver Arena', said Millman. 'Roddick had said he was closing the gap on Roger but the wizard came out and starred.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen better tennis. That has always stuck with me.' Millman feels confident about his season: 'I think I’ve proven to myself I can compete at the highest level. When I’m injury-free and I get on a bit of a run, I feel like my game is at a place where I can take it to a lot of these big players.

I had little niggles all year but luckily I didn’t have any crippling injuries to keep me out for a period of time and that really helped. Then when you start getting some wins that confidence builds. I’m hoping that puts me in good stead moving forward to get my ranking a bit lower.'

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