Roger Federer makes comeback from injuries look easy,says Nishikori's coach

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Roger Federer makes comeback from injuries look easy,says Nishikori's coach

Kei Nishikori had a great comeback after dealing with a wrist injury. In February 2018 the Japanese was outside the top 200 rankings, now he is back in the top 10 and this year he aims to crack the top 5. But, obviously, his return cannot be compared to the Roger Federer's as the Swiss won two Grand Slam titles in 2017.

'Coming back from injuries is tough, even if Federer makes everything look easy', admitted Chang. 'Everyone thinks that if Someone manages to get to their best level so quickly, then you can do the same. But what Federer and Rafael Nadal achieved is incredible for it.'

Chang was born in the United States. How is his relationship with Asia? 'After 1988 I had many more opportunities to travel to China. Before there were no tournaments there. I could see how it changed. I played and won often there.

And if you look at the tennis calendar now, China is one of the most important tournaments organizations, on all levels. Li Na won two Grand Slam titles while the (2017) US Open junior winner is Chinese.' In the last decade, Asia featured a few great players like Kei Nishikori and Hyeon Chung.

How is the Asian tennis movement? 'Tennis is still a relatively young sport in Asia, and tennis in China almost has no history. Sports are big where they have a big history. The main problem in a country like China is coaching.

It does not exist a network of coaches like in another place. If you have success, you are a foreign coach.' On two of his biggest rivals, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker, Chang added: 'Boris had something intimidation on him.

Someone like Stefan Edberg was much more accessible to me. Stefan was with feet on the ground, I was much more similar to him than Boris.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title