Here is what Roger Federer will wear at 2019 Australian Open (Pics Inside)

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Here is what Roger Federer will wear at 2019 Australian Open (Pics Inside)

Roger Federer has chosen his 2019 Australian Open outfit. The Swiss player will wear a blue shirt and blue shorts in the night session, all white during the day. This is the first time that the Basel native competes in Melbourne wearing an outfit produced by Uniqlo.

Through a short statement, Uniqlo said:"Developed after numerous meetings with Roger Federer and in a blue color that matches the hard court of the Australian Open.' Federer will seek his seventh title there, he first won in 2004 and triumphed in the last two years defeating Rafael Nadal in the 2017 final and Marin Cilic in 2018.

In an interview to CNN last month in Dubai, Federer spoke about his feelings for the Australian Open: 'I feel very well, I have had another strong season this year, still happy playing, I won the last Australian Open edition and I definitely should be going there with confidence, I love playing in Australia, Melbourne, there is so much connection with the place.

There is a lot of legends I admire from that country, the coaches that I had - Peter Carter, Tony Roche - that have been an incredible inspiration and important to me in my life.' Asked by Credit Suisse what he will do once his tennis career ends, Federer said he will try to have a good balance: 'I probably need some advice myself about my career shift.

I need to know how it feels, how it's gonna be, but I think it's important that you don't go from a hundred to zero. You know that you actually keep yourself busy that you have a good group of friends and the family around that catch you up from being so busy and in the spotlight maybe coming back to a more quiet environment and not being in the spotlight so much anymore might be a transition for me as well but it's actually what I am looking forward to, and another challenge for me is gonna be not being so busy every single day but that step is quite exciting and hopefully I will be able to manage it well.'