Mouratoglou praises Roger Federer's longevity, comments on Nadal's injuries

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Mouratoglou praises Roger Federer's longevity, comments on Nadal's injuries

Rafael Nadal suffered a lot of injuries in the last seasons, while Roger Federer, especially since 2017, has managed to stay injury-free. It does not surprise the Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who speaking to Tennis World USA said: 'It makes total sense and it is something that many people have anticipated.

Rafa has been incredibly active and intense in every shot he has hit all his career whether it was at practice or during the matches. He has played with injuries because he never wanted to give up. During many years he played a very dense schedule of tournaments.

These are some of the keys to his success but also something that we knew could shorten his career. On the other hand, Roger has always been playing with much less physical effort, being very careful on his schedule. His fluidity, his tennis effortless and the care he has always taken of thinking long term have resulted in an incredibly long and successful career.'

Someone says that Serena being able to reach two Major finals at 36 after giving birth is the proof that women's tennis is not going through a good moment, considering the other players' quality. A little bit like with the Big 3 dominance on the ATP Tour.

But Mouratoglou doesn't agree: 'Of course, I can’t agree with that. Serena is the greatest of all times and I think we have to respect all the other players who are playing very good tennis. On the men’s side, Rafa came back to No1 after being out for a year, so as Roger who came back stronger thane ver after a very long break.

It does not mean that ATP players are weak but that the greatest have a level that is clearly above most of the others.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title