Second half of 2018 leaves question marks on Roger Federer - Rusedski

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Second half of 2018 leaves question marks on Roger Federer - Rusedski

In an interview to Metro the former world no. 4 Greg Rusedski commented on Roger Federer's current situation. The Swiss player did not perform well in the last two Grand Slams last year, losing to Kevin Anderson and John Millman, respectively at the US Open and Wimbledon.

Federer looked in great shape at last week's Hopman Cup, but Rusedski is still unsure about what his performance will be at the upcoming Australian Open. ‘Federer, there’s still question marks on the second part of his season.

It wasn’t the same Federer as the first part of the season,' said Rusedski who, yet, considers the 37-year-old as a big threat for everyone. 'You can never discount him. Everyone is starting to write him off again but you do so at your peril.

Yes, he’s getting older and the other guys are moving well. He’s got to play that sort of lights out tennis that he did in Australia – the quicker surface does favour him.' On Andy Murray, who is slowly coming back from a hip injury, Rusedski added: ‘He hasn’t got any momentum.

I kind of compare it to Stan Wawrinka’s year. Stan has managed to play week in week out so yes he’s taken his losses – which is normal, it’s hard coming back from knee surgery. Andy has had hip surgery.

For me, I have to see week in week out from Andy first. Not one week on, one week off. There were good signs at the US Open but we haven’t really seen him play since – that’s the problem. We need to see him playing consistently week in week out before we can even put him in the conversation with those guys.

He deserves all the time he can get because he’s had a fantastic career no matter what happens from now on in.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title