Roger Federer doesn't want to be liked by everyone, says writer

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Roger Federer doesn't want to be liked by everyone, says writer

Roger Federer was welcomed at the airport in Zurich by many fans when he reached Switzerland after winning both the 2017 and 2018 Australian Open titles. This is something that happens very rarely, and the journalist Simon Graf confirmed it in an interview to TennisNet.

'We grew with Roger, he achieved so much... He became part of the family! Everyone says: he is incredible', said Graf. 'Switzerland is a country made of jealous people. If one gets too high, it's not okay. But it's different with Roger.

People are very proud. Even when it didn't go too well. The reaction in Switzerland, when he won again, he never experienced something like this, he said. Obviously you always people envying, the money is always a problem in Switzerland.

But with him, it keeps within the limit. There was a controversy with the Basel tournament director, who alleged Roger and his team of being avid. But that was a goal of the tournament director.' Then Graf also revealed an interesting thing: 'A few years ago we wrote a book, "Jubeljahre", on the beauty of Swiss tennis.

We went to Basel through a short pre-warning and we managed to speak to him for more than an hour. On what he suggests younger players - how to face a career, how to focus. Federer is always very nice, but he is not one who wants to always be liked by everyone.

He made it in a simple way and he took tough decisions along the way.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title