'His game was tragic' - Journalist recalls Roger Federer's terrible moment

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'His game was tragic' - Journalist recalls Roger Federer's terrible moment

Journalist Simon Graf published a book about Roger Federer in October last year, telling the Swiss player's highlights, anecdotes and key moments. The book started recalling the back injury suffered by Federer in 2013. In July he had taken a wild card to play in Gstaad and he lost to Daniel Brands in the opening match.

A lot of people thought the end of the Swiss player's career was near. 'It was a learning experience for me', said Graf in an interview to TennisNet. 'I was sorry for him, his game was tragic. Everyone expected so much when he came back to Switzerland.

He was the fallen hero. After all, if you win, being well-understanding is easy. But it's in tough moments that the true character comes up. I play tennis alone and I am rarely in a good mood after losses. At that moment, in 2013, it was thinkable that his career would end.

The back caused him serious problems. He took time and speak with his camp, he wanted a change even if he felt bad - that impressed me.' Graf also commented on the part that Federer covered in his books through interviews: 'Roger knew I would write the book, but basically, he did not take part in book projects.

I think his agent Tony Godsick would like Roger to publish his book, like Andre Agassi. But I do not think he wants it. He always said that he did not want to reveal more about himself. I had a lot of things for my book. I listened to him hundreds of hour, I had one to one interviews with him and during press conferences, I would make him questions and I used them a lot.

In Basel, I gave him a copy of my book, and he was happy that it was going well. It's important for him that his image is correct.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title