Roger Federer unlikely to play French Open, says Jim Courier

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Roger Federer unlikely to play French Open, says Jim Courier

In a conference call for Tennis Channel ahead of the Australian Open on Tuesday, the former world no. 1 Jim Courier commented on Roger Federer's chances to play the French Open, The Swiss will make a call after the Miami Open, and his former coach Paul Annacone told Tennis World USA that, after speaking with the 37-year-old, he would not be surprised to see Federer playing on clay.

However Courier thinks the world no. 3 will take a long break again: 'Doesn't seem like (Federer's) likely to play Roland Garros,' said the American. 'He certainly wouldn't be a favorite there but he's right in there as a contender at the other three.

The speed of the surface of those courts suit him quite well—especially Australia—as quick as that court has been playing in recent years. I think he has a good shot (of winning another Slam this season). I don't think he's the favorite, I think Novak has flipped the script in the last six months.'

Commenting on Rafael Nadal's chances of winning the Australian Open, Courier concluded: 'Nadal's health, especially on hard court, has been poor. It's been unlucky for all of us who love watching him play.

And more so for him. But he's not been able to finish so many tournaments lately on the hard court. So that's another thing that gives Roger a boost. So Roger, where he's currently ranked, doesn't have to play Nadal until the semis at he earliest.

So there's certainly plenty of other challengers. We saw Roger can have a bad day and be vulnerable to conditions like he was in New York to John Millman, but by and large best-of-five sets he has to be one of the big favorites, still.

He certainly is in my mind.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title