Roger Federer deserves to beat my record, says Ken Rosewall

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Roger Federer deserves to beat my record, says Ken Rosewall

Ken Rosewall is not worried about Roger Federer possibly beating his record as the oldest male player to win the Australian Open In an interview earlier this week, Rosewall said: "If anyone deserves to beat the record, Roger does.

Like many people I'm a fan. " On Nick Kyrgios's ups and downs, Rosewall added: "Everyone would like to support Nick more, I think, because people enjoy watching him play with his ability. Just sometimes when he doesn’t give it 100 per cent effort, he upsets a lot of his fans”.

Recollecting his own days as a player, Rosewall said how he never chose to move out of Australia for scheduling purposes. “A lot of tennis players have chosen to live in America. I never did," Rosewall confirmed.

"Even in the earlier days I was away from my family a lot and, when I got tired, I pulled out of the tour for two weeks and just had a rest. You’ve got to try to plan it a little bit." Federer had a perfect start to his 2019 season winning all the four singles matches he played at the Hopman Cup in Perth defeating Cameron Norrie, Frances Tiafoe, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev.

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