Roger Federer is like a junior: he always surprises me,says fitness trainer

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Roger Federer is like a junior: he always surprises me,says fitness trainer

In an interview to 20 Minutes, Roger Federer's fitness trainer Pierre Paganini commented on his co-operation with the Swiss player. They started working together in 1994 and Paganini praised Federer's passion and commitment.

"Roger can be spontaneous like a child, and on the other hand structured like a computer. It‘s like two persons in one, he can switch within seconds from one to the other. He comes to practice motivated like a junior. I do not just say that.

That always surprises me", said Paganini. "I have been waiting a long time for Roger to slam the door in my face and say, Hey Pierre, it's enough! But the opposite happens year after year: "Roger comes to work with a twinkle in his eye."

Federer and Paganini work together for over 100 days a year. "I did not experience a day that he was not fit, tired or ill. He is one of my closest allies. If I still play tennis today, thanks to Pierre", said Roger.

Federer still remembers the first encounters: "I met him at the age of 14 at the performance centre in Ecublens. There I learned what hard work is, what good behaviour, what it means to give everything." Paganini is not worried by Federer's short term future: "As long as Roger is still fast, he is young enough.

He had a few weaknesses in his game. His mental focus was something that, in retrospect, he probably will reflect on that and say: ‘Yeah, I should have done a bit more with that’. But what a warrior he has been, and British tennis has benefited enormously from that.

And to bring the Davis Cup is something that will be a huge thrill for him and a highlight when he reflects back on his career. There are little things day to day that are also a struggle and it'd be nice to be able to do them without any pain.

Putting shoes on, socks on, things like that. That's the main reason for doing it [having major surgery]." ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert