Roger Federer explains how he managed to beat Nadal four times in 2017

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Roger Federer explains how he managed to beat Nadal four times in 2017

How did Roger Federer manage to win five matches in a row against Rafael Nadal? The Swiss prevailed over the Spaniard in the 2015 Basel final, then 2017 Australian Open, Miami and Shanghai finals, 2017 Indian Wells fourth round.

Asked if defeating Nadal in Melbourne was a boost to make the streak go on throughout the whole year in their meetings, in an interview to Smh Federer said: ‘‘Maybe a little bit. You know, but I think you go in swings sometimes.

I had swings against Novak, Andy, Rafa as well ... you play in a short period of time and all of a sudden the other guy seems like he has to change all the other things around, even though it’s maybe not even the case.

I think I just played him the right way and Rafa, either I didn’t allow to play at his level or he just didn’t come to the level of Rafa in the past. Maybe also his game was in a transition where he was trying to recalibrate his game a little bit, be a bit more offensive like we’ve seen him playing today.

I think these things happen. I’m not overly proud that I’m on a winning streak v Rafa. It’s good to have, but I don’t go to bed at night thinking like, ‘That’s nice to have’. Not at all.

I know that next time I play him, it will not feel that way at all.’’ ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title