My tennis may be smoother than the other guys, says Roger Federer

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My tennis may be smoother than the other guys, says Roger Federer

Roger Federer believes that several things are helping his longevity. Three years ago the Swiss suffered a knee surgery just after the Australian Open. Federer got hurt while preparing a bath for his daughters, and that issue ruined his whole 2016 season.

At the Australian Open, Federer said: 'I definitely need a little bit of luck. If you look at how unlucky things were with the incident here a few years ago when I ran the bath, I guess the knee, that part of the body was ready to go.

Could have happened easily in the match against Novak, but it didn't, maybe because I was warmed up. I have no idea what happened. I think you also need a little bit of luck. Then I think I really understand my body very well.

I know when something hurts and I can play with it; I know when something hurts and I should not play with it, but I can still play maybe a match, maybe a week, a month, whatever it may be. Sometimes that helps. But I feel like every player has that.

I can only speak about my team. I think my team also, they know when to push me, when actually they are happy that I don't practice so much. I've always also believed I can play tennis when I don't train so much. I think that's been maybe one thing that for me, the confidence I have in my game, even if I don't play so much, I still feel like I can come up to a good level.

Maybe takes away some pressure. Maybe also the way I play tennis, maybe it's smoother than the other guys. It just maybe looks that way. I work extremely hard in the matches as well. It just maybe doesn't come across so much.

I don't know if that's also something that maybe is part of the equation.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title