How it's like to face Roger Federer: Kyrgios discloses terrific feelings

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How it's like to face Roger Federer: Kyrgios discloses terrific feelings

Nick Kyrgios gave some interesting comments in his Channel 9 commentary during the third-round match between Roger Federer and Taylor Fritz at the Australian Open. Kyrgios praised Federer, whom he has faced multiple times. ‘It’s so uncomfortable,' admitted Kyrgios.

'He puts the pressure right back on you. He shrinks the court so you feel like you can’t play. It never looks like Federer is fazed. Even if he hits a doublt fault, he always looks so relaxed. He’s so creative, he doesn’t even have to hit a conventional volley, he can hit swing volleys.

He’s so creative, so talented. Federer’s timing is scary good. He almost hits everything on the half-volley. ‘He’s always inside the baseline looking to come forward. He’s such a surgeon. It’s more the unknown with Federer.

You think you know what’s coming but you don’t. ‘He’s the greatest of all time. You’re not going to get many chances against Roger, when you get them you have to take them.’ Who has the best forehand on Tour? Kyrgios tried to give an answer.

‘I think if he’s feeling good then Roger (Federer) is definitely one', said Kyrgios. 'The year when Jack Sock was No. 8 in the world his forehand was scary. [Juan Martin] Del Potro obviously can give his forehand a bit of a hit as well.

‘This guy called Kyrgios… I think Roger is definitely No. 1. I did forget about Rafael Nadal.' Kyrgios also spoke about the best backhand: ‘At times, I do feel like my backhand is pretty rock solid. The creativity Federer has off his slice… I think backhand obviously Djokovic, [Andy] Murray and lower ranked guys like Benoit Paire has an unbelievable backhand.

I think Djokovic probably has that one.’ ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title