McEnroe explains why Roger Federer got angry during loss to Tsitsipas

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McEnroe explains why Roger Federer got angry during loss to Tsitsipas

Speaking on Channel 9 the seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe commented on why Roger Federer got angry during his fourth-round loss against Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Australian Open on Sunday. When Tsitsipas was leading 4-3 in the fourth set, the Greek called the trainer as he was dealing with a blister.

The trainer came out only ten minutes after Tsitsipas's request, and Federer complained to the chair umpire claiming it was not an emergency as big as he had thought. "Federer not exactly happy at that changeover, having a chat to the umpire about the physio", said McEnroe.

Todd Woodbridge added: "He would want to be careful. Won't want to push it too much. The umpire, I think, was lenient there. It was just a normal changeover and he took a lot longer." The third round match against Denis Shapovalov has been the most challenging one so far for Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open.

The Serb prevailed in four sets, and, as Mats Wilander admitted in an interview, Shapovalov was playing at the same level as the Serb at times. The former world No. 4 Pat Cash said: “This happens – even the champions lose their concentration.It’s not too alarming for him.

He was pretty upset about it and he was gesturing to his team, to the crowd saying ‘Yeah great - good one, good one’ - the crowd of course wanted to see four sets. But these things happen and the champions regroup really quickly and that’s what we saw him do.

He put his head down and said ‘Right OK’ and then next thing you know it’s 4-0. So, I always like and I always believe that Novak, for him to get in real good form – he likes a bit of a struggle somewhere along the line so he can just keep fine tuning”.

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