Roger Federer can't win too many more Majors, says Rod Laver

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Roger Federer can't win too many more Majors, says Rod Laver

In an interview, the Australian legend Rod Laver commented on how many Grand Slam titles Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have left in them. The Swiss holds 20 crowns, the Spaniard has 17 and Djokovic 14. Laver said: "I'm not sure that Roger can win too many more.

He certainly could win Wimbledon cause he's a grass court player. Novak certainly could win more than anyone else. Rafa's got a few more years but his game is so tough on his body." The 80-year-old was also asked if the on-court coaching should be introduced on the men's professional tour: "To me, no.

It's a one-man sport... for me it's a single-handed championship." Laver also said that at his time the game conditions were different and tougher: "I played Wimbledon with one string job. Playing with a wooden racket, if you hit the centre of the racket all the time you got timing.

And if you got timing, you got speed." Laver also admitted that playing Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open on grass at the time was a big advantage. "Europeans did not often play on grass, we Australians almost all the time.

My problem was that I had to learn to play on clay. I signed to all the tournaments and I slowly discovered some of their secrets." Federer will play the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship next, in late February. ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert