Wasting 12 breaks points is not normal for Roger Federer, says coach

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Wasting 12 breaks points is not normal for Roger Federer, says coach

In an interview to Le Matin Severin Luthi commented on Roger Federer's mental status after his tough loss to Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Australian Open. Does Federer feel sad? 'I do not know', said the world No. 3's coach.

'With Roger, it's difficult to say. I have not been speaking with him for three days. Beyond the clear disappointment, he will not stay on the floor being sad. He is able to turn the page and go forward, which is also what marks the champions.'

Luthi admitted that Federer didn't play his best tennis, regardless of the score. They would have discussed his game level in a deep way even if he won the match. 'We always look at what's happening and what is not working after a match', said Luthi.

'We spoke about it together on Monday. What to say? This match was about some details. Tsitsipas may have surprised with his style a little bit, an unexpected style. He played very well, he had nothing to lose and he took advantage of it.

Roger had more control. Now, a statistic of zero break points out of 12 is not normal. Without a doubt he was passive. The 19-year-old Federer could have taken all the risks. Today's one is more experienced and composed. Also, at night the new balls (Dunlop) are slower.

There are several factors that brought to this loss. He left Australia on Monday, it's not up to me to tell for where.' ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert