'Federer is getting older, Nadal will be at the top on clay. Djokovic..'

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'Federer is getting older, Nadal will be at the top on clay. Djokovic..'

In a column for Gazzetta dello Sport the former world No. 12 singles player Paolo Bertolucci said Novak Djokovic is set to dominate the world of tennis this year, even more than the previous years. Bertolucci, a regular TV commentator, wrote: 'This year he should face less difficulties because (Roger) Federer is getting older, (Rafael) Nadal appears to be at the top only on clay and the Next Generation is not mature yet.

In the last months Nole cameback to be amazing in defence, with an unbelievable heart. It's emotional to see him pushing from the baseline making his opponents struggle. His forehand almost always makes him being in favourable situations, the backhand makes him open interesting corners and his return gets closer to the perfection.

With these weapons he will seek to win his most difficult Grand Slam, the French Open, the tournament where Nadal will try to make him go for the Calendar Grand Slam.' In an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport the Novak Djokovic's agent Edoardo Artaldi recalled the lows and highs he went through with Novak Djokovic since when they started working together in 2009.

'First of all the elbow surgery, because knowing Novak's mentality I knew it would have been a pretty complex stage in his life', confessed Artaldi. 'But all the journey we had together in the last year was very touching.

And then many happy moments with his family and children. From the sports point of view, I would say the first Wimbledon and so becoming the world No. 1, because all the sacrifices paid off. And then the comeback to Belgrade after that win is still one of my most beautiful days in life.'

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