Tsitsipas will write tennis history, says Pennetta after win over Federer

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Tsitsipas will write tennis history, says Pennetta after win over Federer

In an interview to Eurosport, the 2015 US Open champion Flavia Pennetta praised Stefanos Tsitsipas' win over Roger Federer in the Australian Open fourth round. At the same time, Pennetta said expectations should be lower on the 20-year-old Greek who just reached his maiden Grand Slam semifinal.

'They are comparing Tsitsipas with Sampras and Federer', said Pennetta. 'You have not to remove anything from Tsitsipas, I like this guy a lot as a person because he is very educatednice, smiley, he is calm and as a player as well because he does great things on court.

He is definitely one of the next generation, of the players who will write the tennis history. As for Roger, there are days where you don't feel so well, you take wrong decisions in the key moments and you end up losing close sets.

He is also getting older, he does not recover as before, his matches are always very short but the cold weather and stuff can play a factor in the match. Without any doubt Roger does not have all the energies he needs to beat a very young guy.'

Speaking on Eurosport Tsitsipas' coach Patrick Mouratoglou explained how to coach a player in the right way: 'Coaching is not about telling the guy what he should do, otherwise you (the coach) should play. So it's helping the guy to get the best out of themselves.

Sometimes if my player is doing something that I think is wrong, I would make him feel "This is wrong" But if you do that look you are in trouble, but the idea is to bring the player through a learning experience where he grows.

That's what I am doing during a match. Of course sometimes you might say something that is technical or tactical because you feel like there is too much emotion.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title