I have no regrets for Switzerland Davis Cup loss,says Roger Federer's coach

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I have no regrets for Switzerland Davis Cup loss,says Roger Federer's coach

The Swiss Team Davis Cup captain Severin Luthi sees positives from the loss to Russia in the Davis Cup qualies. In press conference, Roger Federer's coach said: "I do not really like to lose. Even if we gave everything, even if we played great matches.

But the disappointment should not last too long. There are reasons to be satisfied, even if we have to keep working hard. Apart from the loss, I have no regrets.' 'I am proud that my players fought Without losing the head or dropping their intensity.

I am also proud of the way Jerome joined the group. But I knew it would have happened because he is a good guy and with feet on the ground. I like the intensity that Jerome put in during the training week. He showed me that he really wanted to play.'

Luthi also considered making Jerome Kym play in the eventual fifth singles rubber. "I did not even think about it on Friday. But it came to my mind in doubles. But I did not need to take the decision, luckily', smiled Luthi.

'Jerome came to me asking if after the second set he could play the fifth decisive match. "He did some huge steps forward in the last weeks and months. His tennis is okay and he seems mentally balanced. I think good things will happen to him this year.

But he still needs not to give up when he plays at 60% of his weapons." Kym said: "I was happy with my experience in the Davis Cup debut. But we lost it." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title