Roger Federer is like Beatles,Pink Floyd,Wagner - Former French Open winner

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Roger Federer is like Beatles,Pink Floyd,Wagner - Former French Open winner

In an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 1976 French Open, Rome Open and Davis Cup winner Adriano Panatta commented on how different tennis is than the past. The Italian said that 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer is just one of the very few players he still loves to look at. "I have a little of nostalgia of the tennis dated back to a few decades ago, that slim and pop rhythm like Beatles that me, Nastase, Orantes or Arthur Ashe could have in the 70s.

Then the music evolved, McEnroe was more a Rolling Stone, a Jimi Hendrix, he had a more rock game. Today it's a buzz, every game is like the other, there is no difference. But there is Federer, the greatest of all time, who is a mix between Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits and Wagner", said Panatta.

About the Italian tennis, Panatta added: "I can just say that Fabio (Fognini) could be in the top 10, he has all the technical and physical weapons, but he still struggles mentally. (Camila) Giorgi has a very good technique and maybe less physical strength, but she doesn't have a tactic plan.

It's true that tactics matter less than the past, but playing the same way against anybody... I disapprove this method. I cannot approve it." He also feels that athletes feel too famous nowadays: "We (players) were normal people, after a French Open or Wimbledon matches we were hanging out, joking together and building a nice relationship.

Now the players show up just on the court and they are with their own teams. We could talk with anybody, now they all are in a rush. It happens with any famous people, not just athletes. It's ridiculous."