It's difficult to imagine tennis without Williams, Federer, Nadal - Coach

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It's difficult to imagine tennis without Williams, Federer, Nadal - Coach

In an interview to Eurosport, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on the goals that led the 37-year-old to play tennis again after giving birth to her daughter Olympia. "Serena Williams is back to play to win the Grand Slams", said Mouratoglou.

"She already won 23 and she wants to seek the record. Serena is very happy, she was dreaming to have a family for a long time: she met her husband, she got married, she had a daughter but she still has a very strong fighting spirit and so she wants to give a lot more in tennis.

Like all the big champions, it will be very sad when the moment to stop will come. In 2017 she missed tennis so much but I believe tennis missed her as well. Imagine a men's tour without Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal, it would be the same thing.

It's difficult to imagine tennis without its icons, like Serena is in the women's tennis for her personality and game." Next month Serena will play the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, which marked her official comeback to the WTA Tour last year.

Mouratoglou added: "Women's tennis has two big stars: Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. When Maria plays, stadiums are packed because she is a superstar. However, when she cameback she often suffered injuries and won little tournaments."

Asked if he knows Poland's Iga Swiatek, Mouratoglou replied: "Of course I know her. I even saw her match with Olga Danilovic in the Australian Open first round qualifying. I think she has a very big potential. Iga has a complete game, she has big hands, she is strong physically.

She has less weaknesses. I think it's too early to assess her chances to win a Grand Slam. I think she will soon become a protagonist."