Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams inspired young guns - Konta

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Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams inspired young guns - Konta

Johanna Konta believes that playing the Fed Cup can inspire the next generations of their respective countries to start playing tennis. Speaking to reporters, the former world No. 4 said: "I do think kids can sometimes relate more to their own sex - especially little girls watching women play, or young boys watching men play.

However, a great athlete is a great athlete and I'm sure there's plenty of young boys inspired by what Serena [Williams] has achieved, and plenty of young girls inspired by what Roger [Federer] and Rafa [Nadal] have done."

The captain Anne Keothavong added: "Hopefully it will be great because the players have always spoken about how much they want to play in front of a home crowd. We've seen with the men - the Davis Cup team - how the crowd has been able to inspire those guys when they are out there on the court and I'm hoping for the same for the women."

Ahead of the tie, Keothavong had said: "There is no room for mistakes, it is pretty straightforward - beat every nation you are up against and you go through. Lose and there's nothing for another year. Mentally it's tough on the players, coming out each day, the recovery, doing it all over again.

Intensity levels are high, the pressure is high, you just can't underestimate any of those factors. It's a brutal format. The team put so much into this competition and they really want to do well, and despite things not going as well as we would like in those playoff matches, we're still able to field a full-strength team and that says it all - they are back and they are hungry for more."