Flavia Pennetta explains why Djokovic will catch Roger Federer's Majors

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Flavia Pennetta explains why Djokovic will catch Roger Federer's Majors

The former top 10 player Flavia Pennetta believes that Novak Djokovic has high chances to equal Roger Federer's 20 Grand Slam titles. The Serb holds 15 crowns, and speaking on Eurosport Pennetta said: 'He will catch Rafa (Nadal), he is much closer and if he plays this way I barely see him losing Majors, probably just the French Open even if Rafa is not as fit as before.

They won't have to waste energies in the early rounds, they are not getting any younger.' Pennetta was surprised by Djokovic's dominant Australian Open final win over Rafael Nadal. The Serb had dropped off two sets, one against Denis Shapovalov in the third round and one against Daniil Medvedev's in the fourth, while Nadal had a perfect run.

'Djokovic had played well until the semifinals but not very good, at 75%. We had said he should have raised his level, he was nervous, but he never really struggled. From the semifinals, he was just perfect. If he has some difficulties, it happens in little tournaments.

He found the right balance and motivation again, he probably wasn't that fired, he wanted to give more priority to the family than tennis. It's normal. A tennis player's career is short but very intense too. Every week you have to repeat yourself and he felt like that all the things he did were not enough, they were normal.

He was very tired of what was surrounding him. His injury was bad because injuries are always bad, but it gave him oxygen to come back with fire', concluded Pennetta.