Federer speaks in front of 1,500 people: 'This is why I am still playing'

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Federer speaks in front of 1,500 people: 'This is why I am still playing'

More than 1,500 people came to the Eynard Palace in Geneva to see Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg promoting the 2019 Laver Cup. The Swiss legend was pretty emotional: "Thank you for coming. I hope to meet you in September at the Laver Cup.

Seeing so many people around me always touches me. This is probably the reason why I keep playing", said Federer. "I love spending with time with Bjorn, one of my biggest idols. He was great." The 64-year-old fan Irine told Tdg that her 106-year-old mother is a close Federer's fan: "She is unconditional.

Despite she is 106 years old, she woke up at 3:00 AM to see him playing in Australia. She does not miss a match. Roger does it well. He signed a poster for her 105th birthday. Now that is in the living room." 49-year-old Assen: "Federer is an amazing player, his longevity surprises me.

Especially his nice personality. Today I will wait for the right moment." 42-year-old David is emotional too: "Not having parents, I identified with him to behave correctly. His humility touches me a lot. I never watch him live.

I am always afraid that I bring him bad luck." 76-year-old Robert: "Whether he wins or loses, he stays honest. Tennis earned popularity over the entire world with him. He appreciates his sport like no other."

27-year-old Deborah prefers Rafael Nadal: "We cannot get anything better in tennis. So classy! There are no words."