'Bjorn Borg ruined tennis. Roger Federer is like a prince' - Former No. 4

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'Bjorn Borg ruined tennis. Roger Federer is like a prince' - Former No. 4

1976 French Open winner Adriano Panatta believes that tennis has changed a lot over the years. In a recent interview, the former Italian player said: "Tennis was like a dance back in the day. Now it's a battle. With the exception of (Roger) Federer, who is a prince."

He has no doubts about who ruined tennis: "Bjorn Borg. He is my friend but I always tell him he won a lot but ruined everything. He started playing in a different way and all the schools followed him. Then with the modern rackets, it became a trend."

As for the most interesting younger players, Panatta mentioned Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem, but he added: "At the end, there are always Djokovic, Nadal and Federer at the top of the rankings. Today guys are very good, I just think that it's a different tennis, less romantic."

It has all become more about muscles, football too: "Cruijff seemed to go at 2.000km/h. Now a low-ranked team is way faster. Everything has changed. Then, in order to fulfil your talent, it takes time, if the ball comes fast you cannot find a solution and it's about instinct and strength."

Meanwhile Stan Wawrinka potentially making his debut at the Laver Cup, Borg, the 2019 Team Europe captain, felt optimistic: "It would be nice to have him in the team! He does so well to the tennis world, not only Switzerland.

I always appreciated Geneva, as well as the entire Switzerland. I was everywhere in Switzerland", said Borg, who won his last career title just in Geneva back in 1981.