Bob Sinclar praises Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal for playing in hot weather

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Bob Sinclar praises Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal for playing in hot weather

Bob Sinclar is one of the most famous DJs around the world. The Frenchman met Roger Federer several times, both last year in Miami and in 2017 to attend a Moet & Chandon event, and they will probably meet each other again next month when the Miami Open takes place.

Sinclar spoke about his attitude as hard worker, mentioning the Swiss and Rafael Nadal: "People think I get drug but it's not this way. This is a job where you sometimes do not sleep for 48 hours, so many people often take medicines.

We had Avicci example, who recently gave up. I play sports and most of all I eat well. I admire the professional athletes like Nadal or Federer who manage to play under 35C for five hours... I plah music, I do what I like. It's a privilege and we have to work very hard.

That's what motivates me", said Sinclar in an interview to Femina. Sinclar's children also love music: "They are completely into it. At home, there is always music. My daughter made me know the rapper Damso, an unbelievable artist."

Asked what he is listening to now, Sinclar replied: "On my computer, I have a playlist called 'So good' where I included all the songs I like. From Pink Floyd to Frank Sinatra, going through Stromae. I choose depending on my desires.

Now I listen a lot to Sade, Johnny Balik, a young artist who I delivered and, obviously, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper song. Also "The Beautiful Life" of Tony Bennett, "The Good Life" that I sing under the shower."

He is a famous DJ all around the world and he is also a producer. How did he start? "I started as a DJ in the Paris clubs: the Central, Palace, Baths Showers, etc. I tried to put my funk style there, a little bit of black, but it did not work.

At some point, I stopped to completely focus on production. That's where I realized my first Maxi and, thanks to my talent as a producer, and through my Label Yellow Productions creation, I was able to sing around the world. But I was not obliged to do it, I just followed my instinct."