Half of Roger Federer's success is given by wife Mirka, says expert

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Half of Roger Federer's success is given by wife Mirka, says expert

Journalist Thomas Sotto believes that Mirka Vavrinec covers a very important role in Roger Federer's success. Mirka has been involved in a love story with the 20-time Grand Slam winner since the 2000 Sydney Olympics and they got married in 2009.

Now they share four children. "Mansour Bahrami said that half of Roger's success is thank to Mirka. I agree with him. But they are like all the couples that live together. She organizes all their life, being untouchable.

We do not know anything about them, it's a secret. It's nice to be able to keep it. She is in the centre of everything. Saying that she is important just to make her wife's agenda is not right. It's more than that", said Sotto.

Sotto also praised Federer's human side: "He is not a complex person. He is just a guy who, like many, had some complicated moments. You need to rememeber that at that age (17 years) he was already aware of the strength that tennis could give him and that he was already sure to be able to raise to the top of the rankings.

In order to come there, you need some ego. He has a little bit of it. But he is a mix of many other things. A kid spirit, which he always has. And the passion for the game: it's strange to say that after 20 years spent leading the Tour, with all the effort it causes, he still loves tennis and keeps forward.

Fabrice Santoro told me that it was this life and all the travelling that stopped him. Not Roger." "As one of his parents say, he is "so Swiss" Money is not the only motivation for him. He is one of the first ten influencers around the world.

If he wants to see the Pope, he sees him... wherever he puts his foot in the world, there is a red carpet opening up. I believe a lot on the education. And in his case, he never forgot where he came from."