Roger Federer tries to be friendly with everyone, says table tennis player

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Roger Federer tries to be friendly with everyone, says table tennis player

In an interview to Donau Kurier the table tennis player Timo Bolo commented on his meetings with two of the most famous athletes, Roger Federer and Dirk Nowitzki. "For me it was also important the way it happened. I definitely do not want to be perceived as a proll (laughter).

Roger Federer or Dirk Nowitzki are people who, thank to their amazing successes, are not able to spend too much time off. However, they keep meeting their old friends, they try to keep beng friendly in the way they treat people.

I appreciate it a lot." He is enjoying his life as a famous athlete and calm person as well: "I always say it: I have a life as a perfect athlete. First of all, I can go around Germania in a relatively free way and have a pretty normal life.

At the same time, I learn what it feels to be a star in Asia. If someone recognizes me on the street, he immediately shouts with a high voice, so that several people straight forward surround me. It makes me feel uncomfortable, so I spend most of my time in the hotel or hall.

In Germany I enjoy my coffee with the face towards my wall, so that I can do it freely." He also commented on how an athlete can struggle mentally or physically: "There are definitely players who were influenced by a consistent pressure.

I like dealing with it. At the World Cup last year in October in Paris, when we were playing in front of a big background and a crazy environment, in mid-game I felt like: Man, you have to live it now. Who knows if I will live it again?" If I hurt, I suffer not only physically but in terms of enjoyment too.

Then you have to ask yourself: has it still sense? When I saw the documentary about Boris Becker, I was like: "Wow, if you destroy yourself that way, it's hard. If you cannot even walk with your son? I do not definitely want to go that far." Becker was forced to retire from tennis due to a chronic hip injury.