Mikaela Shiffrin reveals the advice she received from Roger Federer

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Mikaela Shiffrin reveals the advice she received from Roger Federer

Mikaela Shiffrin met Roger Federer last year in September in Chicago during the Laver Cup, as part of the Barilla brand promotion. Shiffrin appreciated a lot the time she spent with the 20-time Grand Slam winner. "I started working with a sports physichologist after the Olympics, a friend of my family.

He showed me how to clean up my mind and how to focus on the things I can control. All the noise disappears and only me and the mountain are there. I felt well since then. I started balancing everything: my humour, my training and competition schedule, arrangements with media and endorsmements, social media.

I can handle it better, I am more balanced and I feel less stressed and pressure. I was allowed to meet Roger Federer in summer. He told me I need to take my time to celebrate achievements and enjoy my moments with my family and friends.

I took this suggestion to my heart", said Shiffrin in an interview to Sport Buzzer. There were a lot of amazing skiers in the past. But no one was as younger as Shiffrin when they achieved their 50th win. What can stop her? "Myself!

When I think about ski, I think about myself and the mountain. I do not think about beating someone else. I focus on my best ski. I am very happy to have been barely injured so far. This is not luck, but hard work in the gym to be fit for many races."

For Shiffrin, becoming a professional skier was a childhood dream: "I love skiing. As a little girl I was dreaming to be the best. At some point I understood what it meant, and I found my role model in Bode Miller because she was able to win in all the races. I wanted to be like this as well. It was not about winning, but knowing that I could the best skier on that day."