Roger Federer shares why he doesn't serve and volley as much as in the past

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Roger Federer shares why he doesn't serve and volley as much as in the past

In an interview to ESPN Radio Roger Federer spoke about how his tennis evolved in the last two decades. The Swiss often beats players who are 15-20 years older than him and he said: 'I have had to adapt my game to the new generation of players who everybody can hit hard at the baseline now.

Big forehands. Big backhands. Everybody serves well and maybe there is not so much transition game in terms of moving from the baseline to the net and finishing at the net but everybody does the same things really well and that's across the board, and depth in the men's game is much greater than it's ever been.

There are more professionals, so it's just tougher. I have been able to add more power to my game, overall power. I play more offensive tennis. Almost every shot has an offensive mindset. Whereas in the past, maybe it was not always like that.

So I would think that maybe I am a bit more attacking today than I have been in the past, even though I did start my career because of the [Pete] Sampras and [Stefan] Edberg. Also serve and volleying much more in the beginning because conditions were faster when I started out back in '99, 2000.

Then it goes really slow, so I had to adjust and really improve my baseline game. And then I think I am back to sort of transiction game moving forward. I return more aggressively nowadays. I take the ball maybe even earlier and I really try to play up in the court. That's maybe not exactly how I played 20 years ago.'