Bjorn Borg: 'Roger Federer was nervous during 2017, 2018 Laver Cup'

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Bjorn Borg: 'Roger Federer was nervous during 2017, 2018 Laver Cup'

The Team Europe captain Bjorn Borg feels excited ahead of the Laver Cup that will take place in Geneva in September 2019. In a conference call on Friday, the 11-time Major winner said: "First of all, I was very honoured and very proud and happy when they asked me to be the captain of Team Europe.

It's a really special moment or thing for me to be with the best players in the world. Starting in Prague, I was very nervous, because I never been captain before. That was my first experience. And especially to be around these guys for a week, I didn't really know them that well.

Of course, I have seen them in different tournaments all over the world, but for me to start the week and start to get into their skin, as you say, it was a great experience and it was a lot of fun for me. We wanted to win.

All the players. I'm sure Roger (Federer) was nervous, too." "Yeah, a little bit", admitted Federer. "Just so Björn is not the only one here." Borg added: "In Prague, and then we went to Chicago, it was the same thing.

Two very close matches. Maybe on the paper, Team Europe has better players, but it's being played indoors, and Team World has big players, big serves, so anything can happen. It was another close match. But it was a great experience, great tennis, and, you know, to come to Geneva in September is going to be a huge thing, so I really look forward to it." Team Europe won both the two Laver Cup editions in two thrilling ties against the Team World led by John McEnroe.