Roger Federer on Laver Cup: We want to create incredible doubles teams

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Roger Federer on Laver Cup: We want to create incredible doubles teams

Roger Federer would love to make the 2019 Laver Cup in Geneva memorable. In a conference call, the Swiss player said: "I hope the best players are all going to come together and we can create some incredible doubles teams and otherwise just support each other in singles.

I had a blast the last two Laver Cups." Federer feels that having played already two editions in the tournament will help him and players to compete even better: "I think knowing the chemistry with the captain and also with the Team Europe now and having seen who played on the first team, the second team, so maybe we will have some more experience, members on the team, or maybe new guys who have never played Laver Cup, could get very nervous, I'm not sure.

But I think as Team Europe we can always be going into Laver Cup very confident." Borg feels that the place will add some extra boost to the whole event: "I have always had a good relationship to Switzerland. I like the country.

I have been all over Switzerland. Like you said, that was a tournament I believe I had in September in Geneva. Of course I remember it. I always enjoyed playing here and being back with Team Europe here, with these guys, the best players in the world, is going to be huge.

It's going to be great. I'm sure you're gonna see some unbelievable tennis. You know, for me, I have seen a lot of tennis over the years. But the tennis these guys played in Prague, Chicago, and hopefully in Geneva now, I have never seen better tennis."