Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player ever, says Bjorn Borg

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Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player ever, says Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg is thrilled to spend another week with legends at the Laver Cup in Geneva in September later this year. The Swede praised the event co-founder Roger Federer, who has a special connection with Borg. "You're among the best players in the world, and to be around these guys, I think, first of all, that's why we started in Prague, that we got together almost every night, the team", said the 11-time Major winner.

"They got to know each other and were laughing. So the team spirit was very strong. That was very, very important. And after that, what should you say to Roger when he plays? I'm the captain. And the greatest player who ever played the game, history, ever played tennis, I suppose he knows what to do under certain situations.

I think I and the rest of the team is to give energy, pump them up. If you play a bad game, a bad point, we are there, come on, next point. So in that area, we are very, very strong, Team Europe." 18 Borg hopes to have the greatest stars in the team: "Right now I'm in contact with other players.

Other players want to play. But we have to see after the French Open who is going to be qualified or not. But I hope that maybe Roger and Rafa might be in the top three because I have three I can pick, captain's pick. So I can maybe pick three other players, but most of the players want to play Laver Cup.

So we have to see later. But I'm in contact with the players, and of course, I want to have my best team playing in September."