Roger Federer is the only top player Fernando Verdasco never beat - Munoz

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Roger Federer is the only top player Fernando Verdasco never beat - Munoz

In an interview to Punto de Break, Fernando Verdasco's coach Quino Munoz commented on the tennis player's career and season. Munoz praised Verdasco's results in tennis history. The Madrid native achieved a career-high ranking at No.

7 and lost an epic 2009 Australian Open semifinals match against Rafael Nadal. "He is doing well, he won everyone and I always said it. He knows how to play these matches, although sometimes he loses. Last year he defeated a lot of very good people, I think (Roger) Federer is the only top player he never beat", said Munoz.

Verdasco won just one set over six matches played against Federer. He is down 4-13 in the head to head meetings against Andy Murray, 3-17 against Rafael Nadal and 4-11 against Novak Djokovic. Why Verdasco isn't a top ten player like he was in 2009 and 2010? "Tennis is not that easy to explain, not even Fernando himself can tell him it.

Obviously, he wants to be back to in the top 10, how can't he want? But then you have other people who play very well as well. Now he is the world No. 26, he has 25 guys ahead that play very well too. I don't know, it's complicated...

You also have people who were very good and they did not even crack the top 100. He is world No. 26! You have million of people who would sign to be there, also just for a week. All these things cannot be explained. At his 35 years of age, what worries us the most is that he plays at the top every week without thinking about the next tournament.

The most important thing is that he is doing well mentally, if we achieve it tennis doesn't worry me, because he has it." What is doing well mentally? "Doing well mentally is playing like he did against Cilic.

He did not lose the match due to his head, he lost it because he missed that serve and then double faulted. But he never gave up or let the match be carried away. This match is the way, if you watch it 100.000 times to see his attitude, you realize it was so good. Obviously, if he had won, it may have been better."