2009 Wimbledon could have marked the end of my career, says Roger Federer

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2009 Wimbledon could have marked the end of my career, says Roger Federer

In a chat to Tribune de Geneve, Roger Federer explained why he could have retired from tennis a decade ago when he conquered his 15th Grand Slam title setting a new record. "In 2009, I won French Open and Wimbledon to beat (Pete) Sampras's Grand Slam titles; at the time I had already won everything, I could stop.

This question was fair at the time. And it does not worry me", said Federer. Federer also spoke about how he tries to be grounded despite having a lot of popularity around the world: "I see myself as someone totally normal.

And then there are people who come to you, who recognize you, who asks you autographs or tell you that have been following you for 10-20 years, that you do well. It touches me. And suddenly, I remember that I am a tennis player who did all this.

While in life, I am not that person. I am a completely normal guy who grew up in Basel. I am a father and husband, a son for my parents; this is the man I am, the way I am, not the tennis player." Federer also said he wants to be a role model in every aspect of his life: "It becomes a daily responsibility.

When you finish shopping in a supermarket and the people recognize you. In that moment I am afraid I can disappoint them. Because they see me as a superstar and they have a guy in front of them who lives his daily life. This moment will be much more special because that person comes to me just once in his life while I did not come for that at that moment. I will always be respectful. I like these moments."