Priscilla Hon explains what she loves about Roger Federer's game

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Priscilla Hon explains what she loves about Roger Federer's game

In an interview with Sporting News, Priscilla Hon was asked who was her idol. The Australian player replied: "Honestly it was Justine Henin, she was my idol growing up. Nowadays, I like to watch players and I like to see what they are good at but I don't really idolise anyone too much because I am kinda playing against them so you don't want to be idolising anyone but I love (Roger) Federer's game.

I know everyone says Federer, but the way he is an all-court play and comes to the net, I love that." On how it felt like to share the court with Ashleigh Barty in a doubles match during the Fed Cup tie against the United States, Hon said: "We are both from Brisbane, we've kind of grown up together.

I've always looked up to her, have so much respect for her. To be able to share the court with her was already like a massive deal for me. I was trying not to freak out. But, yeah, I mean, it was tight out there obviously. I wanted to win for Australia.

She just kept trying to back me. She was always there for me when I was a little bit off the rails, a little bit negative. She would always kind of comfort me, help me believe in myself. Yeah, it's a bonus to get the win. I've never sweat so much before.

Even playing for myself, I know what nerves are, but just having your whole team, you're playing for Australia obviously, it's a completely different feeling. Getting the win, I don't think it's really sunk in yet, to be honest.

Yeah, I don't even know how to describe this feeling at the moment. I'm just so happy we could get the win."