I want to win, whether it's Federer, Djokovic or No. 60 - Schwartzman

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I want to win, whether it's Federer, Djokovic or No. 60 - Schwartzman

Diego Schwartzman doesn't care if he faces the world No. 60, 2 or 1. He just wants to win. In an interview to Clarin, the Argentinean player said: "In my case, I come up to win everyone. I never like not to be at my 100 percent, and I like to win on anything: cards, play.

But you have to be aware that the losses happen every day in tennis and you have to deal with them. I always behaved like this and I will keep doing it, by working like I am doing with my team. We will not change a lot, just the things we have to do to improve."

He also commented on the sacrifices you have to make in tennis: "It's more than 60 matches a year, it can be 70 and without considering the Davis Cup and a lot of commitments you have to do off the court. It takes days, weeks, a lot od things.

When you are not on a court, you may would like to have time for yourself and instead you do not even have a minute. These are pressures. Look, they are very nice, do not take it bad (laughter). As the time goes on, you learn handling with it.

I did it less by less, being every day more aware of what I could achieve, and so I did not feel it (too drastic). If some player suddenly switches from the top 50 to the top 20, it may be more sudden, but every case is particular.

I did not feel it as a shock; if you asked me it three years, I would definitely not see it, but for a while, if you asked me at every end of the year, I would have replied that I would definitely feel better."