Andre Agassi explains why Rafael Nadal may be the GOAT over Roger Federer

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Andre Agassi explains why Rafael Nadal may be the GOAT over Roger Federer

A few years ago, the eight-time Grand Slam winner Andre Agassi said that Rafael Nadal is the greatest player ever over Roger Federer. Now, looking back at his comments, Agassi clarified some things but reiterated his opinion.

"My idea was an answer to the people who think Federer is definitely the number one: how can you be sure about it? There are several reasons why we could say the same thing of Nadal," Agassi told La Stampa. "And even Djokovic could make it in the long term.

Rafa is definitely the biggest competitor in sports history, not just tennis. Federer makes it look easy. Yeah, 20 Slams are 20 Slams. But numbers do not tell everything." What do younger players lack in their attempt to come up? "The Major titles...

But it's not easy, with the three ahead of them. Thiem is playing very powerful tennis, he is making big progress on hard court and he will be the next number one on clay. Kyrgios has the talent to become the strongest out of everyone, but he makes himself get distracted.

In order to be the number one talent is not enough, but you understand it as you grow up." Does Agassi agree with introducing the fifth set tie-break? "At 6-6 in the fifth set, you should toss the coin. There is no sense to continue just to figure out, like what happened at last year's Wimbledon, who will be the winner if then you do not have enough energy to win the final.

Even for spectators, it's not good to know the match winner before the match actually starts."