Roger Federer explains why he will not become a tennis coach

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Roger Federer explains why he will not become a tennis coach

What will Roger Federer do once his tennis career ends? The Swiss player thinks he will keep having a pretty good amount of commitments. "I am not thinking about it yet", he said. "We created Laver Cup and so I would not get bored after my career.

When I signed with my new men's apparel Uniqlo, I was questioning myself: Do I want to commit myself after my career? Can I do it? I will keep making public appearances. But what I definitely do not want is to travel and keep being in the spotlight as always.

That's why I was reluctant with making post career plans. The most important thing for me is the family and friends." So he will not become a coach? "Difficult. Because if you really want to make an impact, then you have to travel with the player for 20 weeks a year.

I cannot do it with four children. I can imagine myself as a player's consultant. In the middle, training with him or giving him suggestions for the tour. But it's what Stefan Edberg said. And he suddenly sits with me in the corner.

Who knows what will be in 15, 20 years." He also revealed one of the main keys of his longevity: "I retire myself in a selective way after big tournaments. I just spent ten, 12 days on holidays after the Australian Open, in the mountain just with my friends and family.

I need it. I can recharge my batteries there. The reduced tournaments schedule helps me. When I was younger, these breaks were less important."