Becker: Roger Federer relaxes with his daughters. While younger players...

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Becker: Roger Federer relaxes with his daughters. While younger players...

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker believes that technology has affected the Next Generation players. He made a comparison between the legends and the younger players who are trying to breakthrough. "While Roger (Federer) can spend time off court relaxing with his daughters, younger players go on the internet and they get distracted," said Becker.

"They get tired, instead of recharging batteries. In their camp, they do not have very experienced guys who can drive them. Tennis requires a lot of energies if you are talented but you are not experienced you cannot make it.

We will see if, with Lendl, Zverev will change something." Becker won his maiden Grand Slam title at 1985 Wimbledon at the age of 17: "At the time, I was not on social media. I was not connected with the virtual world all the time.

I had to answer on the court, not on the web sending messages. And then there was a 21-year-old Mats Wilander, 25-year-old Yannick Noah, 26 John McEnroe. If Tsitsipas happens to beat Federer and plays his maiden Grand Slam semifinal against Nadal, he gets dominated by the Spaniard.

You can beat one of the three, but then you will lose." On tennis introducing rule changes, Becker concluded: "The world progresses and you have to welcome all the changes that bring quality. Introducing tie-break in the fifth set is good.

No let, it's okay. I agree with 25-second rule too. I do not agree with sets at best of four games because then everything changes."