Richard Krajicek gives verdict on Roger Federer's clay-court season

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Richard Krajicek gives verdict on Roger Federer's clay-court season

In an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA, the 1996 Wimbledon winner Richard Krajicek commented on Roger Federer's choice to play in the clay season. The Swiss will compete at the Madrid Open and at the French Open making his comeback on the surface for the first time since the 2016 Rome Open.

"The most important thing for a player is to do what feels good for you. If Roger wants to play Roland Garros, with all his experience, you can trust it is well thought of decision," said Krajicek. Krajicek also spoke about how they manage to bring top players year in and year out: "We have a great partnership with our main sponsor ABN AMRO and a loyal group of fans for the tournament.

The main challenge is to keep working on the tournament to stay state-of-the-art for these groups, so the will remain our solid basis." Andre Agassi is back on the road as Grigor Dimitrov's coach. Last year he was in Indian Wells with Djokovic and just after that tournament, their co-operation ended.

Boris Becker said that you cannot coach a top player from a computer or by distance, but - like Carlos Moya is doing with Rafael Nadal - you should spend time in the locker room and on the Tour throughout all the year. Instead, Agassi only goes to a few tournaments.

What do you think? "It is impossible to tell what works for a player. If Grigor and Andre are happy with the situation, it could work very well for them not being together on the tour all the time. Personally, I like to be around the player, see the matches and talk to him directly after matches and before matches.

But like I said, it could work the other way for others." Asked if he thought Andy Murray will be competitive again, Krajicek replied: "Everybody is hoping for Andy to be able to play Wimbledon. With Andy’s fighting spirit, I think he will make it."