Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal had strong impact on tennis popularity - Expert

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Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal had strong impact on tennis popularity - Expert

Andrea Gaudenzi was a former Italian player who achieved his career-high ranking at No. 18. After his career ended, in 2003, he started studying Business and Administration and now works based in London. Gaudenzi is also serving a role for the ATP in the TV and broadcast department.

"In the last 15 years the movement grew a lot thanks to players like Federer and Nadal, but until some years ago the most of the income was coming from the sale of the broadcasters sale like ESPN and Sky. Now the digital distribution allows to directly reach the users.

ATP thought of overcoming the wave and developing Tennis TV, an app where all the live contents are available", said Gaudenzi. He lived most of his life in tennis, first as a player and now as an "expert" "My role is not as an executive, they are just four board meetings a year, but I put my experience in the business and technology world there and obviously the knowledge of the environment", he said.

"I can also meet old friends and attending some tournaments like for example the US Open." Gaudenzi finally reflected on the importance of studying while being a professional tennis player: "I really believe that a guy who played at a high level has one more weapon.

The sport educates yourself to the discipline, sacrifice and achieving goals: you can use these qualities in the business world as well. What lacks is managing to give these younger guys and education while they play sports.

In Italy and Europe, we are behind from this point of view. Now you can do that just in the United States, playing tennis at a high level even if you attend a college. And as a matter of fact, in the last years, we had top ten players who came up from the universities. Trying to become a professional while studying: it's tough, but at least once you retire you have a title."