Roger Federer to be one of Wimbledon favourites this year - Boris Becker

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Roger Federer to be one of Wimbledon favourites this year - Boris Becker

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker believes that Roger Federer can still compete at the highest level and potentially win another Grand Slam. Speaking at the Laureus Sports Awards, the German legend said: “Theoretically, there is an age issue but he is redefining that at 37.

He is still one of the best. Maybe not on clay but on grass the way he plays, he is one of my favourites to win Wimbledon. It will stay that way until he doesn’t want to play anymore. " On the future of tennis, Becker added: “The younger generation will struggle to quickly move into their roles.

But hey when I started playing it was Borg-McEnroe, I thought it was the greatest rivalry the world has ever seen. Next thing I know is I am involved with Edberg, Wilander and Lendl and then came Sampras and Agassi. So every five to seven years you find these two or three players who are extraordinary.

We can’t imagine right now but in the next five years, we will have a new top three who may not have the name (and fame) which Federer, Nadal and Djokovic enjoy." On the new Davis Cup format, Becker concluded: "I cannot criticize what I did not see.

I want to wait for November and see how it goes. I understand the format and the comments but you have to first see it. Seeing how many top ten players will compete in the Davis. I know that Nadal said yes, but the year is very long.

I know Gerard (Pique), we spoke to each other and I gave him my opinion. He is a great guy. I like that a sportsman gets involved in another sport investing in it. Then you can criticize or not the format but the fact that an International sportsman gets involved in another sport is big news."