Boris Becker doubtful about Djokovic's chances to equal Federer's Slams

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Boris Becker doubtful about Djokovic's chances to equal Federer's Slams

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker is aware of the many expectations that people set on Novak Djokovic. The Serb has two Majors fewer than Rafael Nadal and five fewer than Roger Federer and he is trying to surpass both their records.

Speaking on Sunday at the Laureus Sports Awards, Becker said: “One of the misfortunes of playing in an era with Federer and Nadal is you can’t really compare yourself to them. Normally, after 15 Grand Slams and seven Australian Open titles, you would say ‘wow’.

It is wow but the next question is ‘will Novak ever break Federer’s record? The short answer is that there is a possibility (of Novak getting close to Federer’s 20 titles) but a lot of things have to happen.

Yes, he won the last three majors but before that, he had a two-year dry spot”. Becker feels confident about Djokovic's chances: “Tennis is fickle and sensitive. A lot of things have to be right in your personal and private life.

For Novak, it is perfect at the moment. Therefore he is on his way (to match Federer’s feats) and hopefully nothing happens in the meantime." On Djokovic, Boris Becker said: “Yes and no. Because he has a champion’s mindset and that is something you never lose.

He has his work ethic back, as well as his discipline, his desire and his love for the game, so, it was a question of time when he is going to win again. When he is on, he is very very good. And he is still young enough, younger than Nadal ( who is 32).

There is an open window for him in the next two years to add to his trophy collection. When Federer won his 20th, nobody thought anyone could even come close. Now you have two guys (Djokovic and Nadal). Every Grand Slam is witnessing history”.