Fognini: 'Winning a Major is tough. There is Federer, Nadal, Djokovic...'

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Fognini: 'Winning a Major is tough. There is Federer, Nadal, Djokovic...'

Fabio Fognini does not feel too optimistic about his chances to win a Grand Slam title one day. The Italian player achieved his best result in this tournament's category in 2011 reaching the French Open quarter-finals. Fognini's wife Flavia Pennetta won the 2015 US Open in the late stage of her career.

Fabio said: "Every day you wake up with a dream. If I did not have a goal I would not keep playing tennis. She won it and I am very happy for her. But men's tennis is very complicated. (Novak) Djokovic is back like a few years ago, (Rafael) Nadal is still playing, (Roger) Federer...

You will soon have a generational switch, but I hope to take my chances on the right day and in the right moment." His father Fulvio is his No. 1 fan, he is very passionate and he often comments on Fabio's matches through Twitter.

"Sometimes he cuts the limit because being a fan, he does not understand some things that happen in tennis. One day you can wake up feeling bad, things like this. Obviously, the credit for who I am and for what I got is his."

Would Fabio like his son to become a tennis player? "I do not know. If you want my opinion, I hope he doesn't. But he will do what he feels it's better for him and what makes him happy." Why not tennis? "Because you suffer a lot.

It's a very nice sport. The truth is that we are very lucky. But, again, if he wants to study, he will study. If he wants to play or any other thing, he can do it."